ARANCINI lightly crumbed then fried risotto balls filled with a delicious veal ragu & mozzarella accompanied with napoletana sauce & shaved parmesan /17.0

ANTIPASTO San Daniele prosciutto, capocollo, mortadella and bresaola accompanied with grilled vegetables, warm olives, giardiniera and pickled artichokes with a serve of fresh Italian bread (serves 2-3 people) /33.00

FRITTELLE DI ZUCCHINE delicious homemade zucchini fritters served with fresh lemon and a drizzle of balsamic aioli /16.0

GAMBERONI CON AGLIO OLIO fresh prawns, garlic and chilli cooked to sizzling perfection in extra virgin olive oil /21.0 (gf)

CALAMARI ALLA GRIGLIA calamari grilled then tossed with roquette and finished with a sweet lemon dressing /19.0

RAVIOLI DI ZUCCA homemade ravioli filled with roasted pumpkin and ricotta, pan-fried and served in a buttery cream sage infused sauce /18.50

BRUSCHETTA CON POMODORO oven baked Italian bread topped with garlic, fresh tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and Spanish onion finished with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar & olive oil /14.0


All pizzas have Fiori di latte cheese and homemade napoletana sauce \\ Gluten free bases available

MARGHERITA freshly sliced tomato and fresh basil /20.00

PROSCIUTTO San Danielle prosciutto, fresh roquette and shaved parmesan /25.0

PICCANTE salami, olives and mushrooms /23.0

GAMBERI prawns, garlic and chilli /26.5

AMANTI DELLA CARNE the Italian meat lovers /25.0

FUNGHI three varieties of mushrooms finished with a drizzle of truffle oil /22.00


FETTUCCINE ALLA CARBONARA fettuccine pasta tossed with pancetta and a garlic infused cream and egg sauce /23.0

PENNE PUTTANESCA penne pasta tossed in our spicy robust tomato sauce combined with anchovies, capers and olives /24.0

SPAGHETTI ALLA BOLOGNESE needs no introduction “the king” /24.0

GNOCCHI NAPOLETANA homemade gnocchi tossed in with fresh basil and our napoletana sauce /26.5

LASAGNA an old recipe from Nonna’s cook book /27.0

CANNELLONI CON RICOTTA homemade cannelloni tubes filled with fresh spinach and ricotta cheese, baked in our napoletana sauce /26.5

PAGLIA E FIENO “straw and hay” homemade egg and spinach spaghetti served in a light cream sauce with fresh mushrooms, peas and bacon /26.5

SPAGHETTI CON FRUTTI DI MARE Tasmanian black mussels, baby clams, squid and prawns with a sauce of your choice: ‘arrabiata’ tomato sauce or ‘aglio olio’ an olive oil, garlic and chilli sauce /29.0(Gluten free penne pasta available

RISOTTO CON POLLO tender chicken thigh, mushroom, sun-dried tomatoes and baby spinach in a napoletana sauce then finished with a touch of cream /26.0 (gf)

RISOTTO CON FUNGHI a creamy arborio risotto with porcini, button and oyster mushrooms finished with a drizzle of truffle oil /25.5 (



BISTECCA  Sirlion 350gm sous vide to medium then pan seared and served in a creamy garlic infused mushroom sauce  /35.0

SALTIMBOCCA tender veal slices skewered with San Danielle prosciutto, sautéed in a white wine and fresh sage sauce, served with roasted vegetables and potatoes /29.5

CARRE DI AGNELLO lamb rack in Roberto’s spicy marinade, then sous vide to medium and served on a bed of mash potatoes and roasted vegetables /34.0

COTOLETTA MILANESE veal cutlet on the bone, lightly crumbed then oven baked, served with a rocket salad and a side of sweet potato chips /34.5

POLLO ALLA PARMIGIANA lightly crumbed chicken breast scaloppine, oven baked in our robust tomato sauce topped with mozzarella and grilled eggplant served with roasted vegetables and potatoes /28.5

VEAL MARSALA delicate slices of veal simmered in a dark, sweet dessert wine finished with a touch of cream served with roasted vegetables and potatoes  /28.5

SPATCHCOCK ALLA DIAVOLA marinated baby chicken spatchcock, grilled and served in a classic flavour of garlic, lemon, wine and chilli sauce served with roasted potatoes and a Italian salad /35.5(gf)

PETTI DI POLLO CON FUNGHI AL COGNAC tender chicken breast fillets in a creamy mushroom and cognac sauce served with roasted vegetables and potatoes /31.0

BARRAMUNDI CON CAPONATA pan-seared barramundi fillet served on a bed of vegetable caponata (a sweet and sour chunky vegetable relish) accompanied with roasted potatoes and a Italian salad /32.0 (gf)

COZZE ALLA SANTA LUCIA fresh Tasmanian black mussels steamed in a spicy tomato sauce served with grilled Italian bread and accompanied with an Italian salad /31.0

GAMBERONI CON AGLIO OLIO fresh prawns, garlic and chilli cooked to sizzling perfection in extra virgin olive oil /33.0



TIRAMISU  homemade slice consisting of ladyfinger biscuits dipped in coffee and liqueurs with fresh mascarpone cream 14.0

TORTA DI CAPRESE  a warm flourless almond chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate ganache 14.0

 LASAGNA AL CIOCCOLATO layered filo pastry with home-made chocolate mousse and fresh marscapone filling 14.0

 SEMIFREDDO  Passionfruit and coconut semifreddo finished with a passionfruit sauce and pistachio praline 14.0

TORTA AL LIMONE  Our homemade cold set lemon curd cheesecake 14.0

BOMBOLONE  Warm Nutella filled Italian doughnuts coated in cinnamon and sugar 14.0